Standing with Our Suffolk County Police Department

In January, 2019, the Suffolk County Chief of Department Stuart Cameron addressed hundreds of the Spanish speaking congregants at St. Anne's Roman Catholic Church in Brentwood, using skills he learned anytime he could grab a few moments, including personal time.  That type of outreach between the police and the community they serve should continue to be supported.

While most think of the police as our front line of defense against gang violence, they provide so much more to the community.  They are often the first encounter an addict has with the "system".  The continued training for our officers is the best way to treat emergencies of any nature. 

Although New York State has recently approved plans and funding for increased lighting, increased police technology and surveillance, as well as a Community Hub, all in Brentwood, it is incumbent upon the police to understand that surveillance will help both the police AND provide security to the community.

This type of technology benefits everyone in Suffolk County.

As Newsday has recently  reported, the opioid crisis has left many addicted individuals, primarily women, vulnerable to sex trafficking.  Gang members and drug dealers see the potential for more income through prostitution, and those addicted are often faced with little defense against the coercion to pay off a debt to a drug dealer in this manner. 

Our Suffolk County Police have joined investigative forces with NYC, federal authorities, and our District Attorney's office in order to combat this scourge.  In my opinion, not only does our society as a whole need protection from the drug dealers, but the individuals being trafficked also need the protection and assistance they have been receiving from the SC Police Department and the District Attorney's office.

In addition to the sex trafficking unit, the SCPD maintains a Domestic Violence unit which addresses abuse inside the home.  While the number of reported cases has dropped in the last year, this unit is a significant line of defense for protecting our public when the crime occurs behind closed doors.

Thank you to  all who protect us.