Janet Singer: The Kind of Person We Need in Public Life

Dear Friends:

Carol and I have known Janet Singer for more than 35 years.  When we learned that she was considering putting herself forward for public office we were elated, since we believe deeply that Janet’s honesty, high integrity, sense of fairness, and advocacy for human rights and better government, is precisely what we need in public service today.

Now, those of you who are fortunate to live on Long Island, have the opportunity to put someone of Janet Singer’s extraordinary quality and humanity into public office to make things better for all Suffolk County residents, and particularly for residents of the 13th Suffolk County Legislative District.  It’s rare to have such a clear cut chance to elect such a strong, unfettered advocate for people to a position of public trust..

What’s especially refreshing about Janet’s candidacy for Suffolk County Legislature is that she is determined to improve life for her neighbors of the 13th Legislative District, following a sparkling legal career and and a lifetime of community leadership.   You can help play an important role in making this happen by joining Janet  at  her campaign kick-off on Monday night, March 18, in Northport, L.I., at Nocello Restaurant, from 5-7 pm. (Invitation is attached below, which includes the address of Jan’s campaign).

If you cannot join her at the March 18 event, you have plenty of opportunities to make a difference in the lives of Long Islanders and to elevate the level of public service in Suffolk County.  You can make a contribution to her campaign at Singer for Suffolk, or through Act Blue at https://secure.actblue.com/donate/JanSinger0318, or you can volunteer to knock on doors or make phone calls to put such a high calibre human being into public office.

What a better way to welcome the brightness of Springtime, than to help put a bright new light into public office, and to know that Janet Singer’s candidacy will begin a new season of public service, over self-service, for the people of Suffolk County.


Steve & Carol Villano

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