For a Healthy, Secure and Thriving Suffolk County



I am asking for your support in electing me to represent Suffolk County’s 13th Legislative District because I believe I can and will do a better job of serving our community than the current legislator. I will bring my skills as a leader, zealous advocate, counselor and mediator to attracting and bringing together the resources we need to attract new jobs, protect and secure a living wage for our hard-working residents, protect our environment from pollutants and give our families the resources we need to help our children resist and fight addiction to illegal drugs. My vision for Long Island combines the best of our traditions with forward looking concepts for growth and prosperity. Smart growth requires that we work hand in hand with our Town governments to guarantee that all County infrastructure is maintained and upgraded to keep pace with that growth. It requires a close eye on our budget while seeking to maximize services to taxpayers. I am ready to help our community thrive now and in the future if you will just give me the opportunity!


Protect Our Tax Dollars and Help Our Economy Thrive

Communities thrive when residents have access to quality jobs with living wages and living a comfortable life is affordable.  As County Legislator Jan Singer will balance the need to keep taxes low with providing quality services to make Suffolk a successful place to live, work and raise our families.

We cannot let the standard of living in Suffolk County deteriorate by reducing crucial services, starving our county workers, and neglecting our infrastructure.  It took us generations to create and sustain our communities and we cannot walk away from our investment and let our community fail.

Give Our Suffolk County Police the Resources Needed to Keep Our Community Secure

Our Suffolk County Police have done an excellent job keeping our community safe and reducing violent crime in our county.  Continued support for the Suffolk County Police is essential to keep our families safe and maintain our quality of life. Our police do and must play an active role in helping to curb drug addiction and keeping illegal drugs out of our children’s hands.  Community outreach by our police is essential to joining together law enforcement and the public to ensure safe communities for our children and teens.

Protect Drinking Water, Attract Business, Preserve the Natural Beauty and Environmental Health of Suffolk County

Jan will work to bring together our environmental groups, labor advocates and the energy industry to protect our coastline, promote sustainable energy sources such as solar power and off shore wind turbines and lessen our dependence upon traditional sources of energy so we can protect our Long Island environment and make sure Suffolk County continues to be a great place to raise our families.

Fight Opioid Addiction and End the Pain of Addiction and Loss

We have lost too many of our young people to the pain of addiction and have been forced to grieve too many deaths.  Jan will explore all options available to fight the tragic effects of opioid use in our community.

Our Suffolk County Police, health care specialists, and government leaders must join together to educate and inform all our residents – young and old – and give them the tools to live a drug free life and free themselves from the grasp of addiction.

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